Dear Trolls…

One of the easiest things people get away with these days is online trolling. I don’t understand it though. Why is it your concern if someone else is posting their pictures, wearing what they like, their videos, doing what they want to do, or their personal opinions about any event? Discussions are all well and good but why do people have to pass mean comments, abuse someone’s character, and spread hatred?

There are two ways I deal with these trolls. When it doesn’t bother me, I just delete their comments and block them. But then sometimes I am in a really bitchy mood,  I give it right back to them. How can someone be so unhappy that they need to put someone down to feel better about themselves? Or they really have too much free time on their hands. Spread love people. And if you have nothing good to say, ignore that post which moved you to spoil someone else’s day. We post on social media for ourselves, and not to please some random stranger passing by our profiles. Don’t like it? Scroll ahead!

But then you know people always have a problem. When I was thin, I was too thin. Now I’m curvy so I get uncalled for names like ‘moti’ and lazy. When I post selfies my pictures are boring and when I post bold pictures I get : Oh why wear clothes at all? When I keep my profile low key I get you are boring and when I share the details of my life, I get : don’t make Instagram your personal diary. So pleasing everyone is pointless.

Dear Trolls,

I love being who I am. I love my curviness. I love my bold pictures. I love the fact that I can dance like no one is watching. I love to get noticed. And I love sharing my life with my followers. If you have a problem with that, it is solely your problem. It is very easy for me to block you out. You are no one to tell me what to post, what not to post or pass nasty, lewd comments. And even if you do, it isn’t going to change me.


From a girl who loves herself more than you do!


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